Digital Children’s Church

Digital Children’s Church

Jesus, the greater teacher!

Hello Kids, I hope school is going well and you are making the most of these unusual times. No matter what is going on in the world remember that Jesus is with you and you can talk to him and ask him for help.

Do any of you earn an allowance each week?

What do you do to earn the money? (Allow for responses.)

It’s fun to earn and save your own money. What do you buy with your money? (Allow for responses.)

A great way to use your money is to give an offering. The money people give at church helps people hear the good news about Jesus. The church uses offerings to support missionaries, buy Bibles, provide food for hungry people, and much more! Your offerings also support our pastors and keep the building in good repair.

Say that out loud: “Jesus taught that
when we give, we worship and honor God.”

Have you ever thought about your offering as a way to worship God? Today’s Bible verse is about a poor woman who gave only a few coins, but Jesus said
she gave more than anyone because she gave all she had. Read Mark 12:44 out loud.

Mooseberry Life Action video

“heads or tailS”

Prep: You will need about 20 coins of various denominations. Piece of paper and pen for keeping score.

  • Form two teams.
  • Assign one team as HEADS and the other team as TAILS.
  • Show kids how to set a coin on its edge and make it spin.
  • Give each child a coin. Tell kids to spin their coins and observe how they land. Emphasize that kids may not touch the coins after they spin them.
  • Sort the coins according to how they land. Award the amount of the coins landing faceup to the HEADS team. Award the amount of the coins landing facedown to the TAILS team.
  • Guide teams to count the coins. Declare the team with the highest amount as the winner.
  • Redistribute the coins. Play again as time allows



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