LIFEGROUP Devotionals

Your end goal isn’t to trust in Jesus, it’s to learn how to follow Him daily.  Satan has set up the system of this world to lead you towards sin and busyness.  Like a toddler in a tantrum, the activities of daily life will demand your time.  You will have to continually tell yourself—I AM A FOLLOWER OF JESUS FIRST.  Before you are a student, or athlete, or employee, or musician, or in a relationship, or whatever, YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS FIRST.  Many of our daily demands are good, but they can never take priority over what is best—your relationship with God.

Mark out a time, place, and set a daily reminder to help you develop the habit of personally studying the Bible every day.

JONAH – Week 1
(March 12-17)

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JONAH – Week 2 (coming next week)